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What is your Awesome?

Aug 1, 2018

What is your awesome? I think we can all say there’s a bunch of stuff we don’t like. There’s a bunch of stuff that frustrates us. There is a bunch of stuff that hurts us. But what makes you happy? What makes you driven? What makes you willing to work harder than you ever thought possible? These are the questions I think are so important to ask ourselves every day. Not what pisses you off but what is your awesome?

For example: I got some solid cardio and lifting in this morning. I may not be able to run the farthest, lift the most but I’ll be damned if I can’t sweat more than an entire team of fat old Greek men in a 200 degree sauna. There’s my win for the morning.

One thing that strikes me is our inability to let ourselves go and truly experience and enjoy the moment. Think about how many times you decide something was going to be bad before you even started it. Most of the times it probably was just as you expected. How we decide to approach life dictates most of what we get out of life.

Just imagine if you face adversity with a desire to grow instead of a fear of failure. Then these potential failures are just way points on a path to success.

Own your day! Grab it up in your arms and pinch it’s little cheeks and make weird baby talking sounds to it! Boom!!