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What Controls your Narrative, Aspirations or Failures?

Aug 22, 2018

About 90% back in form after spraining my lower back a couple of weeks ago. Ricco has been a saint trying to work around it.

I am interested in how we handle defeat. In my past I would take a failure as an end game. If I did not achieve domination in the first instance I would likely move to something else. For example in the past when I worked out and got hurt I would just quit. End of story back at Taco Bell ordering sadness crunch wrap supremes.

Now that I have been working out this past year I have been hurt several times. Nothing bad but any if these injuries would have easily stopped me before.

Everyday we are given hundreds of legitimate reasons to quit. It’s just a personal decision of what you choose that controls your narrative. Is it your aspirations or your failures?

I challenge you to let aspirations control your narrative. Doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt but it makes the experience of life so much more epic! Boom!!