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Sit Down and Decide if this is your Jam

Aug 8, 2018

Warning: Long ass contemplative post.

I am not good at jump rope and pull ups. Nothing to mind boggling there right? Makes sense that a big guy who is not very coordinated would have a hard time with these types of activities.

In my life typically that would have been the end of the discussion. I am not naturally gifted at something so I am not going to do it. To be perfectly honest it just bruised my ego too much. I couldn’t handle the idea of considering myself weak. Also, I am good enough at enough things that I can make it through life reasonably successful without ever having to leave my comfort zone.

But now it is different. Now I am playing a bigger game. Now I am a partner at law firm and almost a hundred people are counting on me to keep help keep the doors open. I don’t have the luxury to avoid things I don’t like. If I fail to do handle something then the organization directly suffers.

As I see it there are two ways to approach this new challenge. Internalize it and let it become a crazy fuel that drives me or approach it with child like interest.

I have tried the crazy fuel method and it is what I naturally trend towards. I feel overwhelmed so fight or flight response sets in and then I either avoid the problem because it is not critical enough or if it is desperate I work furiously to solve the problem. This has worked for me hundreds of times in the past. The problem I have with this method Is that it tends to push problems off until they are critical and then brings a potentially destructive amount of stress into my existence dealing with the issue.

The child like method is now my new game I am experimenting with. It takes a different approach. Instead of getting stressed and invoking fight or flight response I just accept that this issue is now my new project, for better or worse, and it is time to play.

With this approach I am not letting my preconceived ideas of self cloud my analysis of the task at hand. I just simply become the task. Then I play with it obsessively like a toy until I feel confident I have approached it to the fullest of my abilities.

Then it’s time to sit it down and decide if this is my jam or not. After you legitimately tried something you can honestly assess if this is something you like or not and what are your strengths and weaknesses.

In business you take that one step farther and assess if this is a mission critical task and if existing employees can handle or if you need to hire someone. But since you have actually done it yourself you can determine what type of person might be good at that type of task. And what appropriate goals should be.

This doesn’t mean I will be good at everything. It just means I will gain an honest unbiased assessment of the realities of a task. Then I will purposefully choose what personal or professional resources may be necessary for the task.

So to tie it all up. I may never be great at pull ups and jump rope but I will give an actual honest attempt at the activities before I psych myself out of even trying.