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Results Driven v Process Driven

Aug 29, 2018

Hit shoulders and chest pretty hard this morning with Ricco Fajardo. Feels good getting that blood pumping. I have really started to enjoy my work out sessions.

Our society is results driven. What have you done? What have you achieved? What are your goals? I have spent the vast majority of my life buying into this concept and I don’t fundamentally think it is a bad thing. What I think our society fails at sometimes is truly discussing the process by which you reach those goals.

To me the process is many times more important than the actual result. This is in no means an excuse for failure, but you need to set goals where you buy into the process. I used to always beat myself up because I have been heavy ever since I was child (Husky was the kids clothing term). So I would create these impossible workout/diet regimes that were insane and ultimately bound to fail.

The problem was that I was just focused on the goal and not the process. I picked a process that would get me to the goal the fastest but not a process I could realistically handle. This is very hard for me. I don’t like taking the long way around. I want the shortest path to my goal. But if that path is impossible for me to realistically stay on then it doesn’t work!! And that’s actually ok!

Realize what doesn’t work for you but that doesn’t mean giving up. Just modify your plan to something you have a shot at achieving. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stretch just don’t set your self up to be continually broken.

Just remember – your process is just as important as the goal!

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