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Picking up When you Fall Down

Dec 23, 2018

Warning: 90 Second Read about Picking Up when you Fall Down

It is so easy fall in our daily journeys. The question is do you get back up or do you allow yourself to tailspin. Everyday you have the choice. I have been trying really hard, with real success, to get in better shape before our first child joins us early next year. It has been insane. For the first time in my life I have actually felt successful losing weight. But the last few weeks have been tough. Finally mustered the courage to check out a foot injury three weeks ago. Turns out I had stress fracture from a poor relationship with my first set of cowboys boots last summer. Dr. put me in a boot for 3 weeks. Was kinda of a pissy kid about at first. I had been running, biking, doing all the active stuff on that foot and it hurt like hell but I managed.

Now out of commission for 3 weeks? Gross.

Why does this even matter? Because for the first time in my life I am finally leading a genuinely healthy lifestyle and I am being told to slow that roll. I wasn’t truly accepting it at first but I actually started listening to my foot and realized I was in near constant pain. One of the things growing up in the country was that you learned to be tough. Here I was tough for a couple months on a broken foot and really screwed it up a lot worse. I knew it was hurting but I was just so focused on my goals I wouldn’t let it slow me down.

So fast forward to last Friday. I have chilled out on my foot a lot but I can tell I am creeping back into some unhealthy eating habits. But I thought, heck it’s the holidays, I am going to get this damn boot off today and I can get back to the world I want. Nope. Doctor says it’s healing nicely but you need to be in a boot for “at least” 1 more month to hopefully avoid surgery. Bah humbug. I was so frustrated and mad yesterday.

So I started eating.

So flash forward a day to last night, My wife directs a holiday choir and I had a couple songs I worked up for it. So get to the event and there are lots of snacks and booze. I indulge in both. All the merriment was had. Get done around 9:30 p.m. (great event played the ukulele, sang classical, wore a grass skirt), then offer to get my super preggers wife pizza afterwards. I ordered meatballs and an entire large pepperoni pizza just for myself. Definitely set to eating it all last night.

I succeeded.

Damn it.

So instead of hating myself this morning I took some Tylenol for a little bit of a boozy head and aching foot and decided I would do a 24 hour fast to counteract the gluttony from last night. I am 17 hours in now and really feel good. I even found a legit injured foot workout routine I could do from a chair.

So here is the deal. It just got too much for me and I fell down last night with my health goals. Totally ok to be frustrated that I was not getting the hand dealt to me that I wanted with my foot. Gluttony is a hard baked relief system for me. So I did it last night. But this morning I didn’t have to hate myself for last night and then spiral further. I just thought to myself how do I create balance here.

So don’t punish yourself when you fall off and do something that isn’t what you are wanting. Accept it. Honor it. Then look to find balance.

Here’s to finding that balance even though it can seem so hard, especially during the holidays.

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