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Fatherhood Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks

May 30, 2019

DADSAUCE Meme - Paul WingoDon’t get me wrong it’s all the things they tell you. A new love you could never imagine. A tribal brotherhood that you are immediately initiated into.

Whatever they said, all of it in spades.

I have been blessed with a fearsome amount of success in my life; great relationship, a great career, great friends. Not boasting but honestly, if there were merit badges for Awesome, it would have my picture on it.

Then all of a sudden, this little critter comes out of nowhere, and none of those successes matter to him. He is not impressed with my resume, my lifestyle, or a single one my references (which are great BTW). So here I am at 37 years old finding out that I am at Page One again. Ground zero. That’s been the kicker – having to redefine my Awesome when I fought for so long to craft it into a sweet, sweet, noble steed.

But that is life. You do the thing to the best of your ability then you move on to the next thing when it’s time. Sometimes you have a hand in deciding when to move on, but most of the time you don’t. It’s really not that complicated. The goal line is continuously being moved. So rather than spending life pissed about the crap hand you been dealt, play that pair of twos like a pro til your aces come in.

So I raise a glass or a more appropriately a bottle (of the milk variety) to the epicness I have welded. I thank everyone that has supported me so well and who has given me these opportunities. I make a solemn promise now – I will continue to pump out the epicness until this mortal vessel fails me. You are going to see so much dadsauce it will hurt.

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