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Embrace your Pain

Aug 15, 2018

Working out today with my personal trainer, Ricco, and I had to work around a couple minor injuries. Nothing serious but nagging pains none the less. However, we managed to have a great workout by really examining what was hurt and discovering where it’s edges were. Then we just kept pushing around the pain until we accomplished a full workout even though it was different than our usual routine.

This is a really important lesson to me. When something hurts me I normally just want to shut down and let it consume me and wallow in self piety for an extended amount of time. Today we embraced the pain found its edges achieved our goals. Then we even planned out ways to to try to solve the pain. We took ownership of the pain instead of letting it own us.

The overall thought is this, we are not going to get rid of pain. To live is to suffer. But if we embrace the pain we can work around it and continue to push forward. Push through your pains and keep gaining ground.