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What are you Doing with your Daily Re-Birth?

Aug 21, 2018

Paul Wingo Life PunchEveryday we are given a re-birth, a new chance to seize the day in front of us. But let’s be honest, I know for me it is real easy to wake up, not wanting to wake up, feel overwhelmed and carry the feeling of oppression all day. It is kind of like being punched in the face by life then life turns around picks you up with a wedgie and then gives you a swirly in the grossest bathroom stall ever.

Everyday this is my challenge. Seize life or be seized up. I can’t say I win everyday, but I can say that I am fighting. I am ceaselessly trying to find what is awesome for me and the people that surround my life.

Find your awesome. Do it. Kick life in the junk! ‘Merica! Boom!!