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Commit to the Moment!

Sep 5, 2018

Had a lovely time in Austin this weekend at Fun Fun Fun fest. The hospitality of Debra GrothRachel DendyJoby Byroade was out of this world.

Having quality time with all these great people made me a bit reflective. I want the best out of people. No half measures. Everything on the table. This is in my DNA. When I am with someone I will try to give them everything but in return I want the highest level of commitment to the moment from them. Some people naturally have this level of engagement but some don’t. There is no shame in letting people know what you need and expect out of relationships!

They don’t have to be the best at everything but I know I need a series of genuine engagements with people to feel a honest connection with life.

So my quest is to give this level of connection to people while at the same time not being shy to say this is what I need in return!

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